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 Ilana Labourene


Voice Sample 1

Voice Sample 2


5’4(163cm) – 118(53.4kg)

Hair color: brown

Eye color: brown

Vocal Range: mezzo-soprano

(3 octaves) C3-G


Katie Pershall , Mark McCabe , Chuck Stewart, Chris Levens


Sahelia Bollywood Piel Canela PS Dance Studio Dance New Amsterdam Triangulo NYC SCC Orlando Theatre Project Turning Point

A Dance Studio Showtime III


tango, hiphop, ballet, jazz, tap (beginner) Sports: krav maga, gymnastics, diving, soccer, softball, swimming, skiing (snow/water), jet skiing, bike riding,

roller/ice skating, cheerleading (flyer), running, jump rope, darts and pool Art: painting, drawing, pottery, photography, sewing, cooking, singing

(Broadway, jazz, rock, pop); Languages: moderate Spanish, basic French, basic Thai and Japanese.


Fun on the Farm Farm Leader Disney’s World Family

Zap’s Zany Zoo Zookeeper/Elepotamus Disney’s World Family

The Rocky Horror Show Janet Tokyo International Players (40th Anniversary RHS)

Finian’s Rainbow Sharecropper/Dancer Heights Players

Enchanted April Rose Heights Players

No No Nanette Myrna/Dancer Heights Players

Bound for Broadway (Cabaret) Self The Duplex

You’re A…Charlie Brown Snoopy LB Players

Othello Desdemona LB Players

Growing Up Too Fast Jennifer Orlando Theatre Project

The Crucible Mercy Lewis LB Players

Fame Mabel Washington LB Players

Peter Pan Tiger Lilly LB Players


PLAN 75 cleanup crew Loaded Films Production

マスカレードホテル - Masquerade Hotel Hotel Guest Masayuki Suzuki, TOHO Studios

Asken Diet Promo Lead Asken Inc.

Math Blasters (Reloaded) Operator Bombarrow Productions

Dark Souls in Real Life (Salaryman Ed.) The Girlfriend Bombarrow Productions

Soul Caliber V (facial capture) Ivy, Taki Bandai Namco

KOWATANDA Bar girl Anshul Chauhan

ボキャブライダー (Vocab Rider TV) #8 Foreigner NHK Gogak

山崎豊子原作 (女の勲章) Women’s Decoration Extra, 1960’s Fuji TV

Lindsay: Outside the box Sarah Nick Rock Film

Gravity Training (ep #21) Astronaut Robert Akiyama Creator’s File

Cheer Dan Female Announcer (voice dub) Kadokawa Daiei Studios

Sony AI Shop Owner Sony

The Sun the Never Sets (太陽は沈まない) Featured Extra, 1980’s WOWOW TV

GODHAND8.COM Female Lead Japan Media Services

The Evil Within/Psycho Break 2 Myra, Yukiko Hoffman, Operators Tango Gameworks

Underworld Hostess #1 National Geographic Channel

Mie Prefecture Travel Lead Associated Press & Mie Citizens Council

Unspoken Ordinary Lindsey Full Sail Productions

Serum Robyn Full Sail Productions

The Cactus Kid Dancer/Waitress Full Sail Productions

Walt Disney World Japan Featured Geral Woo Productions

Walt Disney World US Featured Geral Woo Productions

Travel/Discovery Channel Featured Lightship Entertainment


Uniqlo, H&M, Toyota, Microsoft, NHK Kiso Eigo Radio, Nippon Express, Nitsu Corporation, Hino Cars, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Nissan (Knock

Knock Cats), Sony Xperia (Agent), Flowback (music video), Fujitsu, Misumi, NHK Jinnan, Universal Studios Japan (Minion Mayhem Ride), Shiseido,

Columbus Education, For Days Company, Morinaga Snacks, Game Character X, Mie Prefecture, Ad Festival, Doctor Magico, Japan Airlines, Ben &

Jerry’s, Cheer Dan Movie, Logistics Corp., Thermos, NHK Science View, NHK “WHY? Programming” (Ram), Olympus, Asken Diet App, Renesas,

YAMAHA, Hexa Gear


TOKYO, JAPAN: Black Card Cabaret @ Shangri-La Hotel, FEW Bondilicious Bonnenkai, New Otani Hotel, The Ruby Room, Palace Hotel, Bar Hamlet,

AMAN Hotel New Years Eve

CHIANG RAI, THAILAND: Le Petite Cafe, Peace Bar, Jazz Bar

NEW YORK CITY: The Duplex, Employees Only


Tordy Clark Film Intensive , Committed Impulse –(Josh Pais) Actors Inc. NYC , LB Players

SCC Orlando Theatre Project (--Chris Jorie, Anne Herring Betty-Anne Candelora, Valerie Grant, Noel Holland, Aaron Rowe)

Ashley-Camille School of Modeling and Acting –( Dando Lee Kluever)

Lisa Malie / John Casablanca’s Modeling and Acting

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